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November 18, 2013

The AF1 Tapes and Subsequent Events
at Andrews Air Force Base:
What Was Supposed to Happen Versus What Did Happen

by Douglas P. Horne

"...the AF1 tapes have always haunted me, since a tug-of-war was clearly going on between major actors onboard Air Force One and major actors at the White House Situation Room regarding where the autopsy on President Kennedy's body would be performed... This essay [provides] my considered opinions after ruminating about this subject off and on for 32 yearssince 1981when I first became aware of the LBJ Library version of the AF1 tapes by reading David Lifton's forensic thriller about the JFK assassination, Best Evidence."

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Doug Horne
Former Chief Analyst for Military Records
Assassination Records Review Board

Author of
Inside the Assassination Records Review Board

(available from Amazon)

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