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Aspects of Assassinations

"That we hotly dispute one another's theories about this case is of small consequence weighed against our common belief that
the election of [President Kennedy] was nullified with bullets instead of with ballots." -- Mary Ferrell, 1992.

"I have always thought it sad, and unfair, that citizens who believe in educating themselves about their own country's history, and who are interested in studying say, the JFK, RFK, or Martin Luther King assassinations, simply because the evidence presented in the official accounts is not entirely persuasive, or is fraught with evidentiary conflicts, are denigrated and called 'assassination buffs' or 'conspiracy theorists,' as a way of trivializing their concerns. Perhaps the tables should be reversed, and those citizens who immerse themselves in the mass of original source material about one of these events in order to better make up their own minds about their nation's history -- regardless of their conclusions -- should be called 'responsible patriots'; and perhaps those citizens who don't read any serious non-fiction on their own initiative, and who want to go through life believing all government pronouncements on faith so that they can sleep well at night, and who believe it is unpatriotic to question authority, should be called sheep, or 'coincidence theorists.'" -- Douglas P. Horne, 2009, Inside the ARRB p. 272, Self-published.

The JFK Assassination Revisited:
A Synthesis

(with James Rinnovatore)
The AF1 Tapes and Subsequent Events
at Andrews Air Force Base:
What Was Supposed to Happen Versus What Did Happen
(by Doug Horne)
          "General" Activities at the Bethesda Morgue:
Posthumous words of an eyewitness lead to a new theory
                                 (with James Rinnovatore)
  • The Two NPIC Zapruder Film Events:
    Signposts Pointing to the Film's Alteration
                               (by Doug Horne)
  •       Aftermath of the JFK Assassination:
    From Parkland Hospital to the Bethesda Morgue
                             (with James Rinnovatore)
  • JFK 11/22/63: FBI Agents at Bethesda
                         (chiefly by James Rinnovatore)
  • Information on the Death of William Pitzer
  • JFK 11/22/63: Who Took the Pre-Autopsy Photographs?
                                    (chiefly by James Rinnovatore)
  • Deep-Throat Dave
         (with James Rinnovatore)
  • JFK 11/22/63: Where Was the Throat Wound Altered?
                                (by James Rinnovatore)
                                  (Note added 9/23/10)
  • JFK 11/22/63: Body/Casket Chicanery
                at the Bethesda Morgue
                                (by James Rinnovatore)
                                  (Note added 5/23/11)
  • The Untimely Death of LCDR William B. Pitzer:
            Forensic Experts Examine the Evidence
  • The Tell-Tale Dash, Part 2: Dutchman in Denial
  • Without Question: Francis X. O'Neill
  • Bugliosi on Pitzer
  • The Putative Pitzer Movie: A Discussion
  • The Tell-Tale Dash: James Files and the Dented Cartridge Case
  • Where Were the JFK Autopsy Photographs Taken?
  • The Untimely Death of Lieutenant Commander William B. Pitzer
  • Familiar Faces in Dealey Plaza
  • Familiar Faces in Dealey Plaza II (FFiDP-2)
                       (by James Richards)
  • Kennedy Assassination Who's Who
               (by James Richards)
  • The "Sniper's Nest": Incarnations and Implications
  • Book: In the Eye of History
  • JFK/Deep Politics Quarterly

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