In the Eye of History:
Disclosures in the JFK Assassination Medical Evidence
"...before I left Dealey Plaza that evening, I decided to delve as deeply as I possibly could into John Kennedy's murder, beginning with the men who had been present at his autopsy. What I learned took me down dark, cobwebbed hallways of an alternative history, not the one that was taught to my generation and is told to our children, but one that is glimpsed only by those who dare to look beyond the official version of the events of that terrible November weekend in 1963." --William M. Law


Dennis D. David
Paul K. O'Connor
James C. Jenkins
Jerrol F. Custer
James W. Sibert
Francis X. O'Neill
Harold A. Rydberg
Saundra K. Spencer

Foreword by David W. Mantik MD, PhD
"See, the way they got the single-bullet theory was by moving the back wound up to the base of the neck...I don't buy the single-bullet theory. I'm adamant in that statement." --ex-FBI Special Agent James W. Sibert
"In this volume Law brings us the actual words of autopsy participants as well as others, such as Harold Rydberg, who played his role later. The efforts of Law and Eaglesham extend over many years and plainly required immense persistence and dedication. That the two FBI agents, James Sibert and Frank O'Neill, finally agreed to go on the record is a remarkable testimony to the tenacity of Law, in particular. I am delighted to introduce this historic set of interviews to the public, and especially to future historians. For anyone who wants a first-hand look at that long-ago night, this is as close as we can now get." --David W. Mantik
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