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Without Question:
Francis X. O'Neill

Mr. O'Neill continues: There are many many theories. What happened to the other bullet? I don't know. No idea. Nor does anybody else know. But, I can assure you with metaphysical [sic] certitude, looking at the face of the president, there is no conceivable way that a shot could have come from the front and hit him -- looking at the president, viewing it, and looking at the medical evidence. No possible way that something could come from the side and hit him. Only one conclusion, that the bullets came from the upper [sic] and above, in the rear to the right. If, if, for the sake of discussion, you were to think that there was a conspiracy, it would have to have been the most marvellously conceived conspiracy in the world. Twenty-eight years, no proof of any conspiracy, number one. Number two, if they're going to have a conspiracy with assassins, you would think that they would have the most expert shots available -- good shots, super marksmen, telescopic sights -- to make sure they hit what they aimed at. If they paid for that type of marksman, they didn't get it, because nothing hit the president from the front, and nothing hit him anywhere other than the one [sic] particular place where he was hit.

I've worn you enough with this. I just told you what facts I know. Ah, I'm sure that many people will refute them. That's your privilege. But, I can go to my grave knowing that there's only one person who did this, and that was Lee Harvey Oswald. [Four] your theories, you'll never get into a court of law. It won't be proven otherwise.

Mr. Cheslock discusses limitations of the single bullet theory.

Mr. Evica discusses the time of arrival of the body at Bethesda Naval Hospital, including the statement by Jerrol Custer that he witnessed Mrs. Kennedy's arrival after he had already taken X-rays on the body. He reports the statement by radiologist Eberly [sic, Ebersole] to the HSCA that the tracheotomy had been sutured, and finished with a comparison of the wounds as seen in the Zapruder film, as reported by the Parkland personnel, as reported by Bethesda personnel and as seen in the extant autopsy photographs and X-rays. He finishes by saying that Mr. O'Neill "is living proof that the body at Parkland was not in the same shape as the body at Bethesda."

Mr. O'Neill: The body in Parkland was put into a, into a coffin -- not an ornamental coffin. It was put into a coffin. That particular body was taken, with Mrs. Kennedy, in the ambulance on out to the, eh, eh, Love Field where it got on [sic] the plane and went into [sic] the back. On that plane were the closest friends of the president of the United States. One of them were [sic] with him at all times -- no possible, conceivable way that the body could have altered [sic] in any way en route from Parkland to Love Field, en route from Love Field to Andrews Air Force Base, en route from Andrews Air Force Base out to the, eh, Bethesda Naval Hospital. Mrs. Kennedy did not follow any casket into it. I saw her get out. I saw her go up to the nineteenth floor or the seventeenth floor or whatever it might have been. I also saw the casket still in the ambulance. In my minds-eye view, in my eye view, from that time that plane landed until the time we opened it-no possible conceivable way that anybody, other than God almighty himself, could have done anything to that particular casket and changed that particular body.

That body was in the same condition that it was in -- and let me say also, those X-ray photographs were delivered back into the room and we looked at them. And whatever X-rays you might be talking about are not the X-rays which were taken of the body that was in the Bethesda autopsy room -- I'm saying that! I'm also telling you that there was nothing wrong here (Fig. 13). That president could have had his casket opened and everybody could have viewed it, but Mrs. Kennedy did not want the trauma of this young man, this young president, this person from Camelot -- this trauma would have affected the entire country if they stayed there and looked at this open casket. You'd have something similar to what happened over in other countries of the world where people would be crying and yelling.

Figure 13. "...there was nothing wrong here."

Let me get one thing and I'll stop talking. The president of the United States had a brother. He was the attorney general of the United States. The president of the United States had another brother who was a senator. The attorney general was charged with investigating -- well let me rephrase that -- the attorney general was charged with investigating and concluding the, eh, conclusions of the result. The FBI is part of the Justice Department. Neither he, nor his brother, with their multimillion dollars -- almost billions I would assume -- nor Mrs. Kennedy with her hundreds of millions of dollars, nor Rose Kennedy with her hundreds of millions of dollars, nor any member of the Kennedy clan who could hire anybody at any time in the last 25 years to find a conspiracy -- not one of them disagree, each and every one, the brothers, the wife, the mother that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin. If my brother was killed and I had the slightest inkling that a particular, eh, conspiracy occurred, I'd spend every millions of dollars I had. Not only that, they also have the whole Justice Department, the whole United States [two]. You'll never convince me otherwise, unless you can prove it in court.

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Comments from Bill Cheslock and Allan Eaglesham