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Comments from Bill Cheslock

  • O'Neill said Greer and Kellerman knew immediately the shots came from behind them, "and you can feel the bullet go by you." Now, if that's true, we have to say that Gordon Arnold experienced the same sensation, as he said a bullet came right by him from behind. And Arnold just came back from military basic training where bullets fly by daily.
  • O'Neill responded to my slide of Malcolm Kilduff pointing to his right temple, describing a bullet hitting JFK in the brain. He said the photo I showed could've been only a part of Kilduff bringing his finger all the way back to the rear of his head. He's wrong, because news clips of that press conference showed Kilduff's finger stop at his right temple, and go no further.
  • O'Neill said that Oswald had the opportunity, he had the means, he was a paranoid, he attempted suicide in the past, he attempted murder in the past with the same rifle which killed the President of the United States-"Lee Harvey Oswald did it, believe me." This is a generalized statement. O'Neill couldn't say with certainty that Oswald was even in the sixth floor window. In fact, he doesn't mention, conveniently, that Carolyn Arnold saw Oswald downstairs only minutes before the shots rang out. With respect to the Walker shooting, O'Neill ignores the research that shows doubt that Oswald was the culprit, and ignores the fact that Walker himself stated it wasn't Oswald who took a shot at him. Or, it's possible that he doesn't even know about it.
  • O'Neill holds up a book and says it's a summary of the Warren Report. He doesn't seem to know that the book is the Warren Report. He then refers to the twenty-six volumes as "the Warren Report." He's confused between the book, which is the WR, and the volumes, from which the WR was written.
  • O'Neill goes through the three shot scenario again, with the first shot hitting JFK, the second hitting Connally, and the third being the head shot. He never mentions the wounding of James Tague. He also mentions that the throat wound is logically explained by an exiting fragment. He never mentions the fact that Dr. Perry described the throat wound as a "puncture" wound, and not an exit wound.
  • O'Neill said, "Nothing hit the President from the front." Again, he doesn't seem to know or he simply ignores, the statements of the Parkland doctors.
  • O'Neill said JFK had two brothers. Neither one with their multi million dollars or any memberof the Kennedy clan spent money to find a conspiracy. Actually, Bobby did indeed have his people look into the Warren conclusions. According to Frank Mankiewicz, Bobby didn't believe the Warren Commission findings.
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