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March 27, 2014


A Synthesis


James V. Rinnovatore & Allan Eaglesham

Proof is provided that President Kennedy's body was in the Bethesda morgue well before the motorcade from Andrews Air Force Base arrived at the entrance to the Bethesda Naval Hospital. At Parkland Hospital, Dallas,�the president's body had been placed into a bronze ceremonial casket. At Love Field, Dallas, the bronze casket was boarded and secured in the tail section of Air Force One. During LBJ's swearing-in ceremony, the president's body was removed from the casket, placed in a body bag, and hidden somewhere in the plane. Thus, upon arriving at Andrews Air Force Base, the bronze casket, which had been loaded onto a�gray�ambulance, as part of the motorcade to Bethesda, was empty. �

The purpose of the early arrival of President Kennedy's body into the morgue was to clandestinely alter the throat and head wounds, which based on the contemporaneous reports by the Parkland Hospital doctors, indicated that they were caused from shots fired from the front.�The wounds had to be reversed�in order to implicate a lone assassin—in this case Lee Harvey Oswald—allegedly shooting from the Texas School Book Depository. �

New information is provided that pre-autopsy photographs were taken of the president's wounds as they existed at Parkland Hospital—that is, before they were altered. �

Included are analyses of the reports of the Warren Commission, the HSCA, and the ARRB. �

The case for two Lee Harvey Oswalds is also discussed. �

180 pages, 52 figures, fully sourced and indexed

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