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Originally published in JFK/Deep Politics Quarterly, pp. 23-44, October 2003

Summary: None of the extant photographs taken at the southeast window of the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository correctly portrays the cene of the crime� at the time of the assassination of President Kennedy. Deconstructions and reconstructions, and their implications, are discussed with special reference to the recollections of WFAA-TV Dallas newsreel cameraman Tom Alyea, who witnessed the discovery of the niper nest.� Alyea account points to incompetence, manipulation of evidence, and perjury by the Dallas police.

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  • 2.1. Late-Afternoon "Sniper's Nest"
  • 2.2. Official "Sniper's Nest"
  • 2.3. Actual "Sniper's Nest"

  • 3.1. Sniper Position
  • 3.2. Cartridge Cases -- The Broken Chain of Evidence

4. SYNTHESIS      
  • 4.1. Were Shots Fired from the "Sniper's Nest"?

  • Methods Used in Constructing the Sketches

Acknowledgments: I am grateful to Tom Alyea for many communications by conventional and electronic mail, relatively few of which are referenced here, in which he tirelessly and generously shared his memories of the immediate aftermath of the assassination of President Kennedy, and for his comments on drafts of this manuscript. Also, I thank Martha Schallhorn for sharing her archive and sharp insight, and Walt Brown and Rob Eaglesham for many helpful comments and suggestions.

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