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by Allan Eaglesham


2.1. Late-Afternoon "Sniper's Nest"

The sketch in Figure 5 -- an elevation view looking south -- shows the placement of the three stacks of cartons and other boxes close to the window, that are seen in Figures 1, 3 and 4, at approximately 4 PM. Figure 6 provides a plan, or bird's-eye, view of this arrangement. The tall man in Figure 1 (Joe Sherman, Dallas Times Herald) is resting his right forearm on the box designated with an asterisk in Figures 5 and 6. Please note that north is to the bottom of the plan-view sketch (Figure 6).

Figure 5. Late-afternoon "sniper's nest," elevation view.

Figure 6. Late-afternoon "sniper's nest," plan view.
The shaded boxes in Figures 5 and 6 were removed (see 2.2. Official "Sniper's Nest") before the official photographs of the "sniper's nest" were taken.
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