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by Allan Eaglesham


Methods Used for Constructing the Sketches

Figure A-1 shows Warren-Commission Exhibit (CE) 503, looking south towards the "sniper"s nest"; shadow angles indicate that it was taken in the morning-presumably on 11/25/63. In Figure A-2, cropped from A-1, the highest box, with horizontal packing tape, is the same as the highest in Figure 1 in the middle stack close to the window. This provides a convenient reference point: the west edge of the highest box was mid-way between the windows.

Figure A-1. Commission Exhibit 503.
Figure A-2. Cropped from A-1.
Three sizes of boxes are discernable in photographs of the area around the SE corner window of the sixth floor:

  • standard carton (Figure A-3), 18x14x12 inches, with "BOOKS" printed on one of the 18x14 surfaces,
  • Rolling Readers carton (Figure A-4), 13x9x8 inches, with "TEN ROLLING READERS" printed on one flap of the 13x9 surface, and
  • non-standard carton, of which I discern only one, indicated with an asterisk in Figures 3 and A-2; its appears to be 12x12x18 inches.
  • Two Rolling Readers cartons were used with a standard carton to construct the "rifle rest." The "rifle rest" position was determined from Figure 21 and the "rifle-rest" cartons were configured (Figure 20) with input from Tom Alyea.

    The distance between the stacks of boxes and the south wall of the TSBD was taken to be 22 inches, an estimate averaged from several photographs and confirmed by Tom Alyea.

    The dimensions and arrangement of the boxes in the middle stack and the stack to the west were determined from Figures 3 and 4 and similar photographs, and the dimensions and arrangement of boxes in the stack to the east were determined from CE 513 (Figure A-5). The window dimensions were determined from CE 1312 (Figure A-6).

Figure A-3. Standard carton, Commission Exhibit 1307.
Figure A-4. Rolling Readers carton, CE 1308.
Figure A-5. Commission Exhibit 513.
Figure A-6. Commission Exhibit 1312.

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