I can restore your damaged, faded family snapshots, and manipulate them
for improvement or novelty. You can place them in a document, include them on your web page,
or frame them for proud display on the mantelpiece between the walley dugs, ifyurfaeGlesca. Re-creation is more precise than restoration: your original will be returned unchanged and untouched, except for having been scanned and a copy stored in the computer.

(Please note that the quality of your prints will be superior to that of these images, with which file size is intentionally small to expedite downloading.)

Edward S., USAF, photograph damaged
Edward S., USAF, photo restored
Photograph of grandma, faded
Photograph of grandma, contrast restored, close-up with kitten
Young woman at Eilean Donan Castle, West Highlands, Scotland
At Eilean Donan Castle, missing young woman
Image subtraction: now you see her... you'd like to.
Older brother, aged 9, born 1975

Younger brother aged 6, born 1993

Brothers together

Image addition:
Brothers, born 18 years apart,
play together on the field of dreams.

And collages...

Sisters, as lasses and ladies

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